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At MyFurni Sdn Bhd, the design and supply of furniture to educational institutions and schools are conducted. Our products have been well-received in both domestic and international markets, and our experience working with many well-known institutions has provided us with a strong understanding of serving your needs.

The creation of the ideal learning environment is considered to be crucial for student success by us at MyFurni. Thus, a wide range of furniture options of high quality, including desks, chairs, storage solutions, and classroom essentials, are offered. Our team is available to assist in finding suitable pieces for a functional and stylish space, to be appreciated by students. Furniture requirements for your school can be fulfilled by shopping with us.

The production of pieces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable is the focus of our team of experienced designers and craftsmen. The finest materials from various sources around the world are utilized to guarantee that each piece produced meets the highest standards. If the setup of a preschool, school, college, or office is being considered, we would be pleased to accommodate your needs in the best possible manner.


“To provide innovative and durable furniture solutions that inspire learning and promote student well-being, while also supporting the educational goals and needs of schools and educators”

“To create timeless and functional pieces that enhance the beauty and comfort of living spaces, while fostering a sustainable and ethical approach to design and production”


“Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations by providing furniture solutions that optimize comfort, productivity, and well-being in school and workplace environments. We are dedicated to creating innovative designs, using sustainable materials and manufacturing processes, and delivering exceptional customer service to our clients”

“Our mission is to design, manufacture and supply high-quality and ergonomic furniture for educational institutions that foster learning and comfort, and meet the diverse needs of students and teachers. We strive to continuously improve our products and services while maintaining environmentally sustainable practices and ethical business standards”


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